The Psychology of Colours – Choosing Key Shades to Endorse Your Products

Do you know that 90% of opinions created to a certain products are as a direct result of the colours that people see when they look at it? This reaction is most commonly unintended and a subconscious reaction that happens approximately within the first minute and a half of the individuals interaction with it. This is one of the reasons why discovering the psychology behind colours is so important when thinking about your brand.

They say that impulse buyers often purchase red, orange, black and royal blue toned items, whilst those with a regimented budget and purchasing strategy are usually drawn to hues of pink, light and navy blues and turquoise.Studies show that the relationship between the brand itself and colour of the actual product is usually one that is chosen to suit the target audience. For example yellow is often correlated with optimism, whilst black is always dripping with elegance.

When it comes to choosing the right colour to pair with your brand there are many things to take into consideration, so let’s take a look at colours and what they mean for your brand.


This colour is often associated with relaxation, growth, harmony, freshness and security. It is often used to package or advertise healthy and ecologically aware products.


The colour blue is typically linked to peace, clarity, but also with domination and authority. Blue hues have been proven to lower heart rates and steady breathing so it can be very useful when it comes to meditation or relaxing.


Red is concomitant with energy, passion, power and determination. It helps get your metabolism going, makes breathing more rapid and gets your blood running quicker. This is the colour that gets your attention more than any other, but is also a symbol of danger.


Enthusiasm, happiness, joy, creativity, attraction and success are all associated with the colour orange. It helps motive and achieve potential within people.


Yellow brings out joy and exuberance, intelligence and energy. Just as we get energy from the sun, so too do we get a certain kick from the colour yellow when it comes to our mental activity.


This royal hue encompasses power, luxury and ambition. It is often connected to magic, wisdom and greatness.


Pure in its form, white is correlated with light, purity, virtue, security and also stands for excellence.


Black is associated with power, sophistication and formality, but can also be aligned with negative connotations as the shade of fear and sadness.

As you can see, colours can often have two very different meanings associated with them, so it is very important to be careful about choosing which hue is the right one for your brand or product. The effect of your chosen colour can also be determined by its intensity, as well as how densely the colour is used. Too much red can trigger aggression, whilst the wrong shade of green can appear unhealthy, ultimately leading to completely unwanted results. Ifyou’re brave enough and really want your brandto stand out and be remembered, try combining two colours from the opposite ends of the spectrum. This is one of the tricks used by some of the biggest brands of the world.