6 Big Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Marketing Campaign

Choosing a social media platform so that your brand can stay relevant and gain a bigger audience can be somewhat tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. It is very important to think about which types of profiles you want to attract when it comes to your target audience and where they can be found. Are you looking for creatives, millennials or corporate professionals? There are some additional questions to ask, which will be covered here.

  1. What percentage of our target demographic are found on this particular platform?
  2. Does the general tone of this social media platform coincide with our brand?
  3. What does our target audience use this type of social media for?
  4. Do we have enough content to cover this social media platform and if not who can create it for us? Which resources will we use to fund this project?
  5. How can we remove ourselves from our competition in order to get ahead on social media?
  6. How much actual communication will be needed with our potential customers on this platform in order to connect with the community?

Only when you answer these six questions will you have more of a clear picture when it comes to choosing one or more online social media platforms to help move your brand in the direction you desire.